Improvement Board set up by Rushcliffe Borough Council to look into Bingham Town Council reports progress

Improvement Board set up by Rushcliffe Borough Council to look into Bingham Town Council reports progress

A councilman is making headway after a critical report found its reputation has been “stained” by years of controversy, it says.

Bingham City Council faced a number of issues which led to some residents submitting a petition calling for Rushcliffe Borough Council to take the reins of the authority.

According to an independent report, two councillors, Francis Purdue-Horan and John Stockwood, had breached the Bingham City Council members’ code of conduct and both were expelled from the Conservative Party.

Bingham Butter Cross (61371028)
Bingham Butter Cross (61371028)

Rushcliffe Borough Council established an Improvement Board in late 2021 to review Bingham’s governance.

The resulting report concluded in May 2022 that the “attitudes and behaviors of some councilors are the overriding problem in resolving the issues”.

Bingham City Council was also given an action plan to work through.

Rushcliffe Borough Council leader Simon Robinson (Con) said during the agency’s cabinet meeting yesterday: “A lot of money, time and effort has gone into this so it is important that we reflect and look at the progress that has been made.

“What is really good is that the report reflects the professionalism and experience of this body.

“I am pleased to report six months later that Bingham City Council has acted very positively and been proactive about future action.

“This is best reflected in the fact that there have been no complaints from members since the Improvements Committee report was presented.

“This is a great testament to the advice and quality of the Improvements Committee.

“Starting from a bad situation, we’ve seen great progress here.

“The people of Bingham certainly have more confidence in Bingham City Council now and that’s the best testament to the whole thing.”

He added the issues are an indication to other communities that “it will not be tolerated.”

Andy Edyvean (Con) added: “It is important that Council members at all levels act correctly.

“Bingham City Council is clearly looking to improve their functionality from where they were located.

“It is clear that the council has become more civil and inclusive, and long may those improvements manifest themselves.

“One would hope that in the next election we might see more candidates, even those councilors who have served on Bingham City Council in the past and who, because of the prevailing atmosphere, have decided to withdraw.”

Councilors voted unanimously to accept the recommendations confirming the progress made and congratulated Bingham City Council on their commitment to improvement.

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