Inspections aim to ensure a fair measure across Gedling borough’s petrol stations

Inspections aim to ensure a fair measure across Gedling borough’s petrol stations

Motorists in Gedling County are being told they can rest easy knowing they get what they pay for on the forecourt following recent petrol metering inspections by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards Officers.

During routine checks of petrol and diesel levels, Nottinghamshire Trade Inspectors were pleasantly surprised to spot petrol pumps, some dating back to the flared pants and glam rock era, still working hard to give customers the right measurements . In a forecourt, officers discovered a 1971 gas pump. Along with the other pumps on the site, it received a clean bill of health for dispensing the correct amounts of fuel.

Inspections of petrol and diesel measures are an important part of the routine cost-of-living verification carried out by Nottinghamshire Trading Standards to ensure prices paid for food, fuel, postal services and heating oil are correct across the county. Officials have a range of testing devices that can be used to verify that companies are delivering what they promise. So far, most of the companies visited have met their legal obligations with these random petrol and diesel checks. Less than 3% of the nozzles tested dispensed less fuel than stated on the dispenser. After pointing out how to repair their equipment, the gas station operators have repaired the defective fuel nozzles and are now providing legal measures.

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Councilor John Cottee, Cabinet Member for Communities at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: By undertaking these checks we can reassure residents that they are getting their money’s worth in Nottinghamshire, which is crucial at a time of rising costs. Retailers have also welcomed the opportunity to have their store independently audited and in instances where we have found them giving customers less than is required I am pleased to say they have been willing to adapt their equipment to accommodate making sure customers get the right amounts.”

If residents have a concern about the goods or services they receive from a business in the county, they can report it to Nottinghamshire Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice consumer hotline on 0808 223 1133.

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