Median age of person identifying as Jewish in England and Wales is 41 years old

Median age of person identifying as Jewish in England and Wales is 41 years old

Newly released results from the 2021 census of England and Wales have confirmed that the median age of those who identified as “Jewish” was 41.

The statistics also confirmed: “People who stated their religion as ‘Jewish’ were consistently distributed between around 25 and 65 years of age.”

The census data also confirm that there are more women in 8,000 who identify as Jewish than there are men.

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This number suggests that the average age of Jews in England and Wales has changed little since the last census was published in 2011.

But it suggested that the overall age profile of those who identified as Jewish was “more evenly distributed than the general population.”

2021 Census data released by ONS showing median age by religion

The new census data, released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), also provided a fascinating insight into small and large Jewish populations in the two countries.

In total in England and Wales there are 139,620 women who identify as Jews with 131,710 men who identify as Jews.

But the figures for Welsh Jewry alone confirm that only 970 women and 1075 men identify as Jews.

London has the largest Jewish community – with 75,135 women and 70,330 men checking the Jewish box.

Last November, the first data from the 2021 Census confirmed that the total number of people identifying as Jews in England and Wales in 2021 was 271,327.

This compared to 265,073 in 2011 and 259,927 in 2001.

The newly released data showed that people who identified themselves as Christian had the oldest median age of the checkable options – 51 years.

This compares to an average of 40 years for the entire population of England and Wales.

Self-identified as “Muslims” had the youngest median age of 27.

It was followed by those who stated “no religion” – 32 years.

The age profile of those who identified as “Jewish” was more evenly distributed than the general population

The data also included detailed breakdowns of the Jewish population across the country.

In Barnet 29,195 women and 27,420 men were identified as Jews, in Hackney 8,775 women and 8,650 men, in Hertsmere 9,570 women and 8,775 women, while in Salford there were 5,070 women and 5,305 men.

At nearby Bury, there were 5,560 women and 5,175 men.

The small Jewish communities included 15 women and 25 men who identified as Jews in Bridgend, Wales, and the 15 women and 30 men living in Bassetlaw who checked the Jewish box on the census.

In 2001, the census introduced a voluntary question on religion for the first time.

Overall, 94.0% of the total population in England and Wales (56.0 million people) chose to answer the religion question in 2021.

This is a higher percentage than in 2011 when 92.9% (52.1 million) answered the religion question and 7.1% (4.0 million) chose not to.

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