Cherwell to demonstrate new EM product pipeline at Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe conference

Cherwell to demonstrate new EM product pipeline at Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe conference

Cherwell Presents New EM Product Pipeline at Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe Conference

Bicester, UK 15th December 2022: Cherwell, specialist in clean room microbiology solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and allied industries, will be exhibiting and discussing the latest additions to its high quality range of environmental monitoring (EM) products at the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe Conference in London. 16-17 January 2023.

This is Cherwell’s first time attending this annual conference, providing an opportunity for delegates from the pharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy industries to preview some of the very latest EM solutions currently in the company’s product pipeline are located. These are all specifically designed to support EM programs as part of contamination control strategies in accordance with the recently published EU GMP Schedule 1 which governs the manufacture of sterile medicinal products in the UK and Europe.

The conference will uncover important developments and discuss the future of microbiology as an essential tool for the detection of microorganisms present in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals and will have a strong focus on the implications of Annex 1 alongside new pharmaceutical microbiological technologies. In particular, presentations from key pharmaceutical manufacturers will discuss the initial challenges that Annex 1 presented and the transformations required in companies’ contamination control strategies to ensure full compliance. There will also be case study examples and a group discussion session to assess the impact of Annex 1 on the industry to date.

The products and solutions offered by Cherwell cater to a range of presentation themes and cover all tiered areas (A – D). For example, the SAS air sampling range is a reliable and robust device known to meet Annex 1 requirements of 1m³ sampling. In addition, the new ImpactAir® Designed for high risk environments, the air surveillance range employs a continuously viable air surveillance innovation known as ‘Slit to Agar’. With a D50 value of 0.53 microns, the process provides security against possible contamination within the cleanroom environment, captures extremely small particles and meets Annex 1 requirements.

Cherwell’s cleanroom microbiology experts will be available at their exhibit booth at Pharmaceutical Microbiology Europe to provide practical advice and demonstrate solutions that can be tailored to individual customers’ specific microbiology monitoring and validation needs.

“We work in partnership within the market and are proud to share our knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure everyone uses our portfolio in the best possible way for their environmental needs and expectations,” said Thomas Parkhill, Business Development Manager -South, Cherwell Laboratories. “While we are experts in EM, we are very much looking forward to hearing presentations at the conference from experts from a number of other areas of the industry who will help us continue to expand our breadth and depth of our industry knowledge.”

With over 50 years of experience, Cherwell has earned a reputation in the pharmaceutical and health sciences industries for providing quality products to meet the specific needs of environmental monitoring and process validation. In addition to ImpactAir solutions for continuous air monitoring and SAS microbial air samplers for active environmental monitoring, Cherwell manufactures and supplies the Redipor® Assortment of prepared media consisting of agar plates, media in bottles, vials, broth bags and ampoules.

For more information about Cherwell Laboratories, visit, consequences @CherwellLabs on Twitter or follow us on LinkedIn.

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