Reward up to $3,000 for possibly stolen pomsky in Kelowna

Reward up to ,000 for possibly stolen pomsky in Kelowna

A Kelowna family is closing in on the search for their missing dog and needs the public’s help.

Sasha Dempsey posted on the Kelowna Alert Facebook group that her family dog, Nova, has been missing since September 12. Nova is a two year old Pomsky.

In the early morning of September 12, Dempsey left her two dogs outside in her yard. Dempsey and her husband kept an eye on Nova more than usual because she had just been spayed, but took their eyes off her for “seven to 10 minutes.”

During this time, the other dog came back in, but Nova didn’t. Demspey told Capital News that Nova, who is partially hoarse, usually wonders the neighborhood but always comes back or a neighbor brings her back.

“She usually just comes running around the corner,” Dempsey said.

Dempsey, her husband and five others searched for Nova for 24 hours but could not find her.

“I’m going to hear a bark that sounds like her and I’m going to get out of bed and look for her for 10 hours,” Dempsey said. “She is like my child. I have no children and she is like my child. It was heartbreaking for us.”

Every day for the past three months, Demspey and her husband have been searching for Nova, putting up posters, posting on social media and even assisting a professional dog tracker in finding Nova.

“I believe Nova was stolen at that point,” Dempsey said.

Recently Nova has been seen in a few different areas but has not been found, according to Dempsey’s post. According to Dempsey, Nova was recently spotted on McCurdy Road in Rutland, as well as on Abbott Street near KLO Road in Lower Mission.

People commented on the post saying they thought they saw Nova in an older red Ford truck near Kelowna General Hospital on Tuesday, December 13th.

Dempsey is asking the public to help find Nova. If you see the dog or have more information, call 778-583-4929 or 250-300-9686. Dempsey is offering a $3,000 reward to anyone who brings Nova home. After announcing a $2,000 reward, Dempsey received a message from someone saying that he will add another $1,000 to anyone who finds Nova.

“We get a lot of feedback [to help out]which is great,” Dempsey said.

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