Thringstone Primary School plays host to launch of Mini Police pilot programme aimed at young students | Local News | News

Thringstone Primary School plays host to launch of Mini Police pilot programme aimed at young students | Local News | News

Thringstone Primary School was one of the locations for the launch of Mini Police, where pupils aged nine and ten will take part in activities to improve their skills, independence and personal development.

As part of the pilot program, groups of fifth graders from three schools – including Thringstone – will participate in sessions designed to provide children with positive experiences of policing, involve them in the local community and also instill age-appropriate safety awareness.

The program is offered during one class hour per week at school and is part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE).

Topics covered are determined in collaboration with the school and include current community and police priorities and areas of concern – for example knife crime, cyber safety and road safety.

The sessions will be conducted with the support of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the local neighborhood policing team so police, schools and other partners can continue to work together to educate, support and protect children.

Police Sergeant Marina Waka, who is leading the Leicestershire pilot, said: “We are delighted to be introducing the Mini Police scheme to Leicestershire and I am excited to see how the scheme develops.

“Police mini-schemes have been successfully implemented in other armed forces across the country for many years and seeing the positive impact they can bring to children made me want to showcase them here in Leicestershire.

“The aim of the sessions is to provide children with positive experiences of policing in a fun and interactive way, to encourage a sense of social and moral responsibility, and to encourage children to help make a positive impact on their local community.”

“The community based PCSOs will work closely with the children and therefore be aware of the issues in the community which will vary in different areas of the county.

“In the first seven weeks, the students are introduced to the police, the work of the police and the different roles in the police service.

“They all receive a mini police hi-vis vest, police cap and pocket notebook and attend their attestation at the end of the first seven weeks.

Photo: Leicestershire Police

“These same children will then move on to the second part of the curriculum, learning about the different subjects that have been determined by the police and the school.

“Moreover, the aim is to involve them in their local community – to enable them to take responsibility and give back to the area in which they live.

“The group will also be responsible for presenting what they have learned to the rest of the school so that what they learn can be passed on to other children before they complete the course at the end of the summer semester.”

If the program is a success, there is hope that Mini Police will be rolled out to more schools from September.

Any school wishing to learn more or express an interest in the program should visit HERE.

The program is funded by the Office of Leicestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner with the aim of promoting citizenship and encouraging interest in volunteering.

Rani Mahal, Deputy Chief of Police and Crime said: “The Mini Police initiative is an asset to any modern police force.

“My concern is to instil a positive image of the police and police officers in our younger residents, and to support diversionary and preventive strategies to help young people develop a positive approach to social and moral responsibility, safety and accountability through policing a fun and interesting program of activities.

“Just as cadets are valuable to young people and society, Mini Police will provide another opportunity for young people to grow and learn.

“It has been a truly wonderful start for Mini Police in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Thringstone Primary School for hosting us. Thanks to everyone involved.”

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