Cops kick back at ‘disappointing’ wave of ‘misogynist’ comments on social media post

Cops kick back at ‘disappointing’ wave of ‘misogynist’ comments on social media post

The post, shared on Facebook, showed two female sargeants on patrol. Photo: Telford & Wrekin Cops

A photo shared by Telford and Wrekin Cops on Tuesday showed two female West Mercia Police sergeants patrolling on bicycles.

Soon the post was dogged by what police described as “offensive comments disparaging the work of two professional police officers.”

Police began removing comments Thursday.

In a statement, a police spokesman said: “We have hidden within the community the sexist and misogynist comments on this post.

“Our female officers are daughters, sisters, mothers and partners – they do a tough job – please keep this in mind and consider how you would like members of your own family to be spoken about.

“Thank you to everyone who was shocked by the comments and spoke out in defense of our officers. We really appreciate it.”

In two days, the picture was commented on 406 times and shared 19 times. In comparison, just three weeks earlier, a post patrolling two male police officers on bicycles had 25 comments and just three shares.

Among the remaining comments, one said: “Female ‘sergeants’ with two years’ service share a hilarious gossip – while a lone male crew officer is no doubt slapped in the face at a servant for whom ‘no other units are available’. .”

Another said: “They are sending two young girls on patrol to a rural area. Probably both are off road or unable to subdue a man say 6ft 2 and 17 stone. It’s okay to smile everyone for the selfie and give high fives to the whole dog Walkers and joggers, would they be able to navigate a situation? As both are sergeants, I am amazed that they have accumulated so much life experience that their bosses think they can handle it!!”

And: “Two pretty young girls out to say good morning and chat to people will NOT stop or solve crimes. Talk about mismanagement.”

But many others were outraged by the comments.

One commenter wrote, “So many men comment on sexist and childish responses…God help their daughters grow up in a home where a father thinks it’s okay to belittle women and girls.”

“Well done ladies,” wrote another, “keep up the good work ignore the negative pathetic unfair comments.”

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