Royal Mail strikes 2023: CWU announce further fresh strike date

Royal Mail strikes 2023: CWU announce further fresh strike date

The Communications Workers Union (CWU) announced the action when they told Royal Mail Group they intended to go on strike.

In a post on Twitter, the union’s official account said: “BREAKING: We have delivered a 24 hour strike to the Royal Mail Group starting for all shifts, starting after 12:30pm on Thursday 16 February.

“We cannot and will not sit back if they destroy our members’ jobs.

“For the vast majority of members, the strike day will be Friday the 17th.”

Royal Mail Group reacts to new strike action

Speaking of the strikes, a Royal Mail spokesman said: “We entered into facilitated talks about Acas in good faith because we believed the CWU was serious in their claim that they wanted a solution.

“By announcing more damaging strikes, the CWU has shown that they are not interested in resolving this dispute and remain focused on further damaging our business.

“The CWU’s erroneous belief that further industrial action will eliminate the need for change and force an improved offer is misleading for its members and jeopardizing their long-term job security.

“Their 18-day industrial action has resulted in losses of £200m year to date, cost our staff around £1,800 in lost wages and caused inconvenience to our customers.

PA – Royal Mail has reacted to fresh strike action (Image: PA)

“We need to agree on changes to make our business more competitive. This is the only way we can secure a well-paid and long-term job for our employees.

“In a materially loss-making company, with each additional day of strike, we face the difficult decision of whether to spend our money on paying and protecting jobs or on the cost of strikes.

“We remain committed to the talks and call on the CWU to withdraw these strikes for the benefit of our customers and our employees.”

When are the Royal Mail strikes in February 2023?

According to the CWU, the strikes will take place over a 24-hour period on all shifts, beginning after 12:30 p.m. on Thursday 16 February.

The union added that the vast majority of members will go on strike on Friday 17 February.

Why are Royal Mail staff on strike?

Royal Mail staff are on strike over a dispute over wages and working conditions.

The dispute arose because of the cost of living crisis and inflation at 11%.

There are also concerns from unions about Royal Mail’s direction, including allegations that Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson wants to transform the company into a “gig-based” company.

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