The Golf Courses That Made You The Golfer You Are

The Golf Courses That Made You The Golfer You Are

Everyone has a unique story in this game, but which golf courses shaped it? Could it be the course you started in, where you were a member for many years, the place where you are now, or a course you have unforgettable attended? Which golf courses made you the golfer you are today?

From my point of view, quite a few children’s and youth rounds were spent on the rugged course Bute Golf Club, which at that time served as grazing land for cows and sheep. Then there were memberships in the nine holes Muthill Golf Club near Crieff in Perthshire and unique King James VI Golf Club in Perth, which opened up the possibility of playing golf more regularly. Later, since I live in St. Andrews, The old course is the ultimate and the one I would play every day if I could. That means both Royal Dornoch and Eli a wow factor that I don’t think can be surpassed.

(Bute Golf Club)

We also asked our squad this question Golfshake Ambassadordiscover their own personal stories.

Matt Holbrookthe co-host of the Golfshake Podcastsaid: “I’ll try not to continue here – but obviously as a member of three courses over the years – two of them for a good time – I would always look to these.

Colne Valley was my first real home, a beautiful parkland setting in Essex, where I played when I started getting really serious about my golf. Not only have I had my name emblazoned on the wall four times over the years for different events, I also chose it as the location for my 2017 wedding.

stow market Suffolk is my home now and has been for four years. I love it and spend a lot of time there. The course is great and the people are great and we have some great practice facilities too.

“A special mention for a golf course that sadly no longer exists. North Weald Golf Club. I think it’s a housing development now, but it was the scene of my first full 18 hole ever, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Colne Valley

(Colne Valley Golf Club)

Richard Moore is someone who has bittersweet memories of courses that can only be recalled from the past.

“Unfortunately many are gone. Two courses at Stoke on Trent: Kiel GC it all started for me at university, and another (gold hill) which closed many years ago where I was struggling to hit 100 in my freshman year of golf after contracting the virus. But it is The Abbey Hotel at Redditch which has endured, playing almost 1,000 rounds in the last ten years which has made me the golfer I am today.”

Mel Davis is a golfer rejuvenated by a change of home club.

“My first membership at small lakes really got me into golf while my newest club Churchill and Blakedown really whetted my appetite again after a stint at another club where I almost fell in love out of the game.

“I also have to say that being a Golfshake ambassador and playing different courses from time to time and trying out different training aids is really fun for me.”

Conversely, some golfers are best defined by their nomadic existence and prefer to roam between courses instead. Rob Treanor – like many in the Golfshake community – is one of those players.

“I’m proud of my heritage as a golf nomad, so I wouldn’t say there is one place that has shaped me. There are just so many great golf courses out there!”

There definitely is – and each of them has left a lasting impression on someone. We’d love to know which courses best defined your journey through this game.

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