Killer Queen tribute band ready to rock north-east

Killer Queen tribute band ready to rock north-east

Killer Queen, the longest-established global queen tribute, will rock the P&J Live Arena on Friday, November 24, 2023.

After first giving public shows at London University, they followed in the footsteps of the real Queen, who played her first shows there decades earlier, and then secured a residency at London’s Strand Theatre, attracting BBC national coverage and the first Homage who had a show there was the west end.

The band’s reputation continued to grow both in the UK and abroad, leading to an awards ceremony in Leicester Square hosted by Suggs from Madness, who presented them with the award for ‘Worldwide Best Tribute Band’.

Killer Queen will be performing in the Northeast next year.
Killer Queen will be performing in the Northeast next year.

They also scored a number one hit when asked to recreate Queen’s harmonies for “The Real Life” with Fatboy Slim.

They were now in demand in European arenas, where they played Ahoy, where the now-reformed Queen would perform just months later. They enjoyed a sold-out Forest National Arena, where Queen filmed videos of concert set pieces like Hammer To Fall and Don’t Stop Me Now.

Killer Queen then teamed up with Bjorn Again and The Bootleg Beatles for a show at Edinburgh’s Waverley Stadium. It was this performance that led to the band being chosen to represent Queen in a newly staged Tribute LiveAid concert hosted by Sir Bob Geldof. They performed with him at his charity concert at the arena to raise funds for the homeless.

In 2016, Killer Queen set their sights on America, including Colorado’s stunning Red Rocks Arena — one of the country’s most prestigious venues. The Beatles, Springsteen and U2 have all played there and the band are delighted that it has become a permanent fixture on Killer Queen’s tour list.

By 2020 the band were attracting huge audiences in Cardiff Motorpoint, Liverpool and Nottingham. Now they’re back on the road and ready to wow huge audiences around the world.

Lead singer Patrick Myers said: “It’s been an amazing journey. That first show changed my life. We thought our band would only last one summer, but playing these songs is very addictive.

“The concerts grew and grew and we ended up playing and selling the same arenas that Queen played at their peak.

“It was quite a surreal ride. Another highlight is performing regularly at the Red Rocks Arena in America. The Beatles, U2, Springsteen, Dylan all played on this stage. It really has its own kind of magic going on there.”

Louise Stewart, interim general manager at P&J Live, said: “Queen has a real cult following having released an amazing catalog of hits over the years.

“For those who missed seeing the real Freddie Mercury, Killer Queen bears an incredible resemblance both visually and musically and is sure to put on a fantastic show.”

Three mobile customers can access presale tickets on Friday 16 December at 9am and tickets go on general sale on Sunday 18 December at 9am on the website .

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