Signify Helps Illuminate Somerset County Council With

Signify Helps Illuminate Somerset County Council With

Upgrading from 20,000 conventional light points to the Philips TrueForce LED range is said to help reduce emissions and save up to £160,000 a year on energy bills. This lighting upgrade is an important step toward the county’s goal of reaching net-zero by 2030. With a low upfront cost, the retrofit solution extends the life of traditional lanterns to maintain the county’s traditional aesthetic and reduce waste.

Guildford, UK – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world’s leading lighting provider, is helping Somerset County Council upgrade its street lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting in Minehead, Street and Taunton. The project is part of a comprehensive development plan that puts Somerset on the path to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The upgrade will also ensure a longer lifespan for the county’s traditional lanterns, allowing Somerset to stay true to its heritage. The project is carried out with the support of ENERVEO, the Council’s long-term maintenance contractor.

Somerset towns are currently lit by a combination of conventional and LED streetlights. Signify will upgrade approximately 20,000 remaining conventional light points with products from its Philips TrueForce LED range. Through the first phase of the scheme in 2022, the Council estimates a saving of £160,000 per year (based on revised 2022 rates) in energy costs and a full return on investment within the first 18 months of installation. In 2023, a second phase, adding more counties to the program, will further reduce energy use and lower carbon emissions.

Somerset has been on its way to becoming carbon neutral since 2020, but skyrocketing energy prices and the need for safer roads for pedestrians and motorway drivers have increased the urgency of replacing outdated technology with durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives. Switching from traditional street lighting to LED is a relatively quick and inexpensive move that can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and the effects are felt immediately. According to Signify’s own data, the country could save 603,000 tonnes of CO2 and £520m a year in energy costs if the entire UK&I region followed Somerset County Council’s lead and switched all conventional road and street lighting to LED.

Beyond energy and climate targets, improved lighting will provide county towns with improved visibility, help residents feel safe and secure, and improve CCTV visibility.

Somerset County Council worked with Signify to select lighting solutions that combine the performance of modern lighting technology while retaining the traditional aesthetics of the area’s towns and villages. Through the use of retrofit lamps, the county will convert traditional lanterns to take advantage of powerful, energy-saving technology. This retrofit solution avoids high upfront costs, extends the life of traditional lanterns, and preserves the district’s historical appeal.

“We chose to work with Signify because of the breadth of their product range and expertise,” said Mike Rigby, Lead Member for Transport and Digital. “The Philips TrueForce range was also known to us for its reliability and ease of installation and minimal maintenance.”

“Energy costs are a major concern for public organizations, businesses and households across the county. By committing to 100% LED street lighting now, we can bear fruit immediately by reducing energy costs so we can continue to provide great value to the people of Somerset. And at the same time we are taking a big step towards our longer-term goal of a carbon neutral Somerset by 2030. In addition, the streets now being better lit than before means citizens can feel safer and more secure in the evening or at night. ”

“TrueForce LED bulbs make a great equivalent replacement because of their ease of installation, true retrofit size and long lifespan,” said Phil Green, Senior Lighting Engineer for Highway Lighting at Somerset County Council. “Also, the color temperature, CRI and brightness are a huge improvement compared to previously used HID lamps.” said Simon Greenwood, Trade Sales Director, Signify UK&I. “The combination of new and retrofit lighting solutions offers the best of both worlds, breathing new life into existing lighting installations and resulting in significant energy savings with low upfront costs and minimal disruption. I am very proud of Signify’s role in supporting Somerset in pursuing its goal to be carbon neutral nationwide.”

Find out more about the impact of moving to LED on Signify’s website.

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