Newcastle Airport: Six essential tips before travelling this Christmas amidst weather and strike chaos

Newcastle Airport: Six essential tips before travelling this Christmas amidst weather and strike chaos

Due to disruptions on roads and railways, more Geordies than usual may be relying on trips from Newcastle Airport to see loved ones this Christmas season.

With the end of the school year just around the corner and the Christmas celebrations fast approaching, many in the North East will be flying to Newcastle Airport this month to catch a flight to see friends and family.

With dramatic weather conditions With chaos on the roads and strikes hampering rail services, reliance on flights from Newcastle and the North East may be more than usual for 2022.

The airport serves destinations such as Aberdeen, Belfast, London, Southampton and Bristol in the UK, as well as the popular Christmas destinations of Dublin, Paris, Berlin and many more.

Whether you’re just having fun for a weekend or taking an important trip to see loved ones, make sure you’re prepared to travel at this busy time of the year. Below are six things you should know before flying out of Newcastle Airport this winter.

Check the subway before you travel

Tyne and Wear Metro

Newcastle Airport is served regularly by the Tyne and Wear Metro, which is the preferred mode of arrival for many Geordies. It’s just a short half hour’s drive from the city center to the transport hub, with trains also passing through Tyneside and Sunderland.

With adverse weather conditions common these days, it’s important to do your research before you travel if you’re relying on the subway. Tyne and Wear Metro regularly updates their Twitter channel with updates on how the services are running – take the time to stay tuned to ensure you arrive on time.

Also check travel on the main train lines at Christmas if traveling to Newcastle from further afield as strikes and service cancellations are common.

Don’t arrive earlier than your airline requires

If the disorder starts to rear its ugly head, don’t panic too soon. When times are high, Newcastle Airport asks passengers to still arrive at the time set by their airline.

At the airport, 99% of customers pass through security in six minutes or less and there is no need to arrive earlier than requested to keep this system efficient.

Prepare for parking fees

When parking at Newcastle Airport, be prepared for parking charges that can make you uncomfortable.

Parking your car at the airport from 23 December to 30 December will cost you £78.99 – an increase of £4 compared to January this year.

However, travelers may be relieved to know that the charge is much lower than at other UK airports. Heathrow Airport is charging customers £156.30 over Christmas week – £52 more than in January.

Improved 5G at Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport has been spared the disruptions at other travel hubs so far this year.

A new dedicated 5G system has been installed at Newcastle Airport. So if you have a bit of work to do on the website or want to download a last minute movie for the plane, you’re in luck (the airport has free wifi too).

Vodafone is behind the upgrade, which has also arrived at George Best Airport in Belfast – with systems in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham to follow.

lost property

You rush through the airport, children languish behind you while the last call for your gate blares over the sound system. They make it easy, but when you take a seat, your little one’s favorite stuffed animal is nowhere to be seen.

All the families were there, especially at this time of the year. The most common question customers seem to be asking Newcastle Airport on Twitter right now is how to find a lost item.

Here’s what Newcastle Airport advises: “For items left in the airport terminal, please email our lost and found department [email protected]

“Lost items are subject to a £10 fee to cover administration costs.”

World Cup games

Harry Kane is comforted by teammate Jordan Pickford after Saturday’s game. Image: PA.

England may have been eliminated at the World Cup in Qatar – no, we’re not done yet either – but the games go on. On Tuesday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 14th, there are still two semi-final games before the grand finale on Sunday, December 18th.

The airport shows the World Cup matches at the on-site Beer House and Bar 11, so you can make sure you don’t miss a shot of the action before you fly.

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