Northern regions unite to fight cyber crime Prolific North

Northern regions unite to fight cyber crime Prolific North

Cybersecurity experts from the three key regions of the North have come together to address the lack of investment and development in the regional cybersecurity landscape.

With a mission to facilitate and close the divide, three cybersecurity clusters – the North East CyberNorth, the North West Cybersecurity Cluster and the Yorkshire Cybersecurity Cluster – have joined forces with national body UKC3 to launch the Northern Cyber ​​Clusters Collaboration project in Aim to better understand cybersecurity resources and key cybersecurity players in the northern regions and develop ways for them to work together to increase visibility and increase growth and opportunity in the industry.

Cybersecurity is a necessity for any business and the high-growth sector is on an upward trajectory, with annual cybersecurity revenues in the UK now estimated at a whopping £10.1 billion, up 14 per cent in the last year alone .

However, when it comes to the North-South divide, the statistics are a cybercrime in themselves. The project’s creators cite statistics showing that annual investments in cybersecurity in the southern regions amount to £982.4 million. In contrast, the North only received £8 million in investment.

There are approximately 1,800 companies in the UK providing cybersecurity products and services and 52,700 people are employed full-time in cybersecurity related roles. Unfortunately, statistics suggest that the sector is not growing at the same rate across the country, with the north being severely underrepresented.

In terms of employment, the project’s figures suggest that the southern regions of South West, London and South East have an estimated 53 per cent of UK cybersecurity employment, while the northern regions have just 16 per cent. The average advertised salaries for cybersecurity roles in the southern regions are also £11,500 higher than in the northern regions (£62,500 vs. £51,000).

By working together, the clusters seek to understand what can be done to create strong bonds, develop relationships and encourage collaboration that will benefit individuals, organisations, communities, sectors and economies across the North of England. Through a digital survey and a series of events in Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Scarborough, Leeds, Sheffield and York, the team will gain insight into a move to enable a stronger force the ground in the north.

Phil Jackman, Director of CyberNorth, said: “We are excited to be joining forces with our Northern Cluster colleagues to work more closely and implement a focused and proactive approach to collaboration. The statistics speak for themselves and it is paramount that we take action to improve the cybersecurity sectors across the three regions.”

The Northern Cyber ​​Clusters collaborative project aims to gather key input from cybersecurity organisations, communities and professionals to find out what they expect from cluster collaboration in the North of England and how they see the clusters evolving in the future.

As a first step, interested parties will be invited to participate in the Northern Cyber ​​​​Clusters Collaboration online survey, hosted in partnership with UKC3.

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