Iran slaps fresh sanctions on UK, EU individuals and entities

Iran slaps fresh sanctions on UK, EU individuals and entities

TEHRAN – Iran’s Foreign Ministry released a report Monday calling for sanctions on 13 British individuals and entities and 10 individuals and five institutions from the European Union.

The State Department is imposing sanctions on certain British individuals and entities for their willful support of terrorism and terrorist organizations, and their promotion of terrorism, violence and hatred leading to civil commotion, violence, acts of terrorism and violations of Iranian citizenship.

This decision was taken in return and in accordance with the relevant regulations and mechanisms.

The UK institutions sanctioned are:

1. RAF Menwith Hill Air Force Harrogate

2. UK Naval Support Facility (NSF)

3. British Committee for the Freedom of Iran (BCFIF)

4. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

The British persons sanctioned are:

1. Robert Jenrick, British Secretary of State for Immigration

2. Tony Radakin, Naval Officer

3. Elliot Sampson, Air Marshal Martin

4. Ken McCallum, Director General of MI5

5. Phil Husband, Governor of HM Prison Durham

6. Steve Kilvington, Assistant Head Capability Strategy, UK MoD

7. John Spellar, Member of Parliament, UK

8. David Alton, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom

9. Mateo Afford, MP for the Conservative Party

10. David Jones, MP for the Conservative Party

11. Wayne David, Member of Parliament, UK

12. Mark Williams, former Member of Parliament

13. Geoffrey Bindman, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights

The sanctioned EU institutions are:

1) Radio Farda (Persian section of Radio Free Europe)

2) Zamane radio

3) Charlie Hebdo Magazine

4- Water Engineering Trading GmbH. (She participated in the production of chemical weapons used by the Saddam regime during the imposed war against the Iranian nation.)

5- Gidlemeister Projekta GmbH. (She participated in the production of chemical weapons used by the Saddam regime against the Iranian people during the imposed war.)

The sanctioned persons in EU countries are:

1) Michael Trautermann, Liaison Commander of the German Air Force and Ramstein Air Force Base

2) Colonel Holger Kunkel, commander of German forces in Iraq

3) Eric David, lawyer for the MKO terrorist group in Camp Ashraf and Liberty and the European Court of Justice

4) Bernard Kouchner, French politician and diplomat

5) Hannah Neumann, Member of the European Parliament

6) Rita Sussmuth, former Speaker of the German Bundestag

7) Claudia Roth, former Vice President of the German Bundestag

8) Volker Beck, former member of the Bundestag

9) Norbert Lammert, former member of the Bundestag

10) Kramp Karrenbauer, former Minister of Defense of Germany.

The sanctions include denial of visas, bans from entering Iran and confiscation of their property and assets on Iranian territory.

All Iranian institutions will take the necessary measures to implement these sanctions in accordance with the approval of the relevant authorities.

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