Nigerian Couple Who Relocated to UK Share Breakdown on How Much Spent, plans for 9 months

Nigerian Couple Who Relocated to UK Share Breakdown on How Much Spent, plans for 9 months

  • A Nigerian couple who recently relocated to the UK have released what the move cost
  • The comprehensive cost estimate gave an insight from the visa application to settling in in the first nine months
  • The number of Nigerians leaving for the UK is at an all-time high, particularly through studies

A Nigerian couple have provided an overview of what it takes to travel to the UK on a student visa with a loved one traveling. previously reported that it could cost between N10 million and N25 million to move and settle in the UK.

To put the numbers in perspective, one Nigerian has provided a breakdown from application to airline ticket costs.

More Nigerian young couples are really looking for relocation. Credit: shapecharge
Source: Facebook

According to a document Oldayo Sokunbi shared about his Twitter page @Oludayo Sokunbi (Deewon), a total of N21.2M (N21,291,602.67) was spent moving to the UK with a dependent.

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Full breakdown of expenses

The breakdown includes nine months of maintenance, for which the family has budgeted N8.4million (£15,327) for the individual and the dependent.

Other expenses include school fees of £2000 (N1.10m), school fees of £14,930 (N8.26m).

In addition, the family paid £1,764.98 (N798,812.30) for the Immigration Health Allowance, which was £882.49 per person per dependent.

Visa applications cost $454 each, totaling N410,951.72, airline tickets costing N789,500.00, totaling N1.58 million, and the Tuberline test totaling N93,000.00.

The couple also budgeted £500 (N276,781.40) for their first accommodation payment.

The UK publishes a list of companies that will sponsor visas for qualified Nigerians

Meanwhile in another report, rshowed that there is another way out for Nigerians who want to resettle abroad but do not have the necessary funds

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The UK government has published a list of over 68,000 licensed companies that are allowed to sponsor the resettlement of skilled workers from Nigeria.

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