Carlisle United fans’ verdict on the brilliant win over Barrow AFC

Carlisle United fans’ verdict on the brilliant win over Barrow AFC

Carlisle United fans were in jubilation as they shared their thoughts on Twitter following their 5-1 win over Cumbrian rivals Barrow. Here is a selection.

A great statement of intent! Surprising starting XI but we have a squad here that is ready to fight. We just have to keep our cool and keep going with what we’re doing and attacking the first two! (@cumbrianbluess)

I’m kind of stunned. Totally stunned by how good we were and brushed Barrow away. Damn we were good. Big statement to the rest of the league with this win. That ball from Moxon for Garner… (@SamTJohnston24)

Just unbelievable. Terrible conditions but we’ve limited Barrow to virtually nothing and been absolutely clinical (@mattselliott)

Pretty tight first half but an absolutely brilliant second half. Fingers crossed we can keep the momentum (@Glass942)

Great that. Absolutely beat them in their cup final. To a great man, especially after Mellish moved into midfield. Almost perfect performance. (@parkinsonross)

Statement win, cruise control second half. After the second goal the players could have pulled out the cigars, superb performance from the young Warwick team tonight (@NavyDave94)

There’s only one Simmo, and he wears a magic hat. He came back to Carlisle (only 11 months ago!) and said I liked it. (@NotInSeddon)

I left BP after the Port V game last year. The club was history, crowds almost <3k, no atmosphere, no energy, no life, miserable - words fail me now. The transformation is unimaginable 12 months ago, a miracle. (@harveyangus)

Tell everyone in town to come down on Saturday and enjoy the promotion push, let’s hit 10,000! We have awesome Paul Simpson!! (@henryh_98)

Watching the goals this morning confirmed my belief on the night that Moxon’s assist for Patrick’s goal was even better than the pass Garner found. I think I prefer Gordon as a starter over Patrick because his touch is better in midfield, but that’s sophistry: we trust Simmo! (@JHallHDI)

Just think back 12 months and how much we all had planned for non-league. Thank you Paul Simpson and the board for bringing back the messiah (@dougrmurphy)

Summarized by Wild’s thoughts that they had better play “with the wind” in the second half. This is non-league/student stuff. Most good teams play better upwind where the ball holds. We absolutely ripped them apart in the second half, quick tackles, top-notch assists. (@JRBulman)

Controlled first half in difficult conditions. Dominance in the second half. Midfield excellent…Gibson, Guy, Mellish, but Moxon, he’s a player. He does things at this level that others can’t. Not just passing, but also his strength and ability to win the ball back, is it 11pm yet? (@BenJoseph0157)

Great adaptation by Simmo to 30 Minutes with Mellish. Moxon is quality. The best thing about Deadline Day was that he stayed. Garner strong and Patrick looked sharp. Call for Barclay. Might go on and on but got a hassle ready. (@JasonGarrick4)

Solid first half if not spectacular, goal at great timing. In the second half we were superior all round, the lads were in good spirits and we dealt the beating we threatened to take. Extensive dismantling work. (@havenmarra)

The buzz is back. We’re all excited! (sorry) (@RegReagan2)

This is the kind of game we usually have problems with. We didn’t seem dominant in the first half, but we turned it on in the second half. I honestly haven’t had this much fun at a match in years. Paul is a thoroughly competent football coach. (@mspoonz)

Well, if you wanted a game with everything and more, this was it. A less-than-safe first half exploded in a run and Barra’s eventual collapse. Everyone but one man played his part. It’s a pleasure to see. Happy Days! (@LindaNi121202)

Never in doubt (@RonnieSmith1964)

Overall performance from the team tonight. With this squad of players, things can only get better. (@peterjo91525330)

50 points by the end of January – relegation battle avoided… (@j_michaelb)

Absolutely smashed in the league we go in, get up (@ShanEg23)

We have a super Paul Simpson……Mellish in the back, Mellish in attack……Quality midfield performance (@NeilBro77246607)

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