HOME Appeals For Community Support

HOME Appeals For Community Support

HOME, the registered charity [1022] works to end homelessness in Bermuda, thanks donors for supporting significant achievements in 2022 – and encourages community donations to help the homeless through the critical holiday season.

“We’ve met so many people this year who are struggling for support while living outside and thanks to the support we’ve received, they’ve been able to leave barns, beaches, cars and parks to move inside,” said CEO and managing director of HOME director Denise Carey. “The path is not easy, but it is necessary. We encourage every resident of Bermuda to join us and support this effort in any way.”

Keishen Bean, case manager; Arthur Wightman, Chairman of the Board; Jean-Ann Hayward, operations manager; Vaughn Burrows, case manager; Aaron Williams, case manager; Denise Carey, General Manager; Lynette Webb, case manager

HOME Team December 2022

The spokesperson said: “HOME was launched on September 30, 2021 and founded to bring an end to homelessness in Bermuda. Since then it has worked closely with the Government of Bermuda, non-governmental organizations, charities, philanthropists and the religious and broader local community, promoting inter-agency collaboration and coordination of all the island’s homelessness services.”

“The current cost-of-living crisis is forcing Bermudians to make impossible choices and putting many more people at risk of becoming homeless,” said HOME Chairman Arthur Wightman. “In this desperate context, however, we find reasons for optimism. Our customers work hard to build better lives for themselves, and they have proven that with the right support, they can find their rightful place as contributing members of our community.

“We are grateful for everyone who has joined our mission, including donors, volunteers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and members of the community who want change and are willing to do something about it,” he added. “As we move forward, it is my sincere hope that this initial support will quickly grow into a passionate community demanding lasting change and justice.”

The spokesperson said: “Numerous Bermuda-based companies, organizations and individuals have contributed to the work of HOME in 2022. Participating firms include: Aeolus Capital Management, AIG, Allied World, Appleby Bermuda, Ascot Group, Aspen Bermuda, BF&M, Butterfield & Vallis, Carey Olsen, CG Insurance, Conduit Holdings, Convex, Deloitte Bermuda, Digicel, Enstar, Green Family , Greymane, Jardine Matheson, Lancashire Insurance, Liberty Group, MS Amlin, Ocorian Law, PricewaterhouseCoopers, QBE Insurance, RenaissanceRe, Sun Life, Bank von Butterfield, Wakefield Quin, XL Foundation and Zurich Bermuda.

“Philanthropic foundations and trusts have also supported HOME including: Apex Foundation, Bermuda Community Foundation, Buchanan Foundation, Buchanan Friendship Foundation, Centennial Foundation and Friends of Christ Church Warwick Trust. In addition, HOME has benefited from the generosity of individual donors and family offices who have moved forward in meaningful ways to do their part to end homelessness, as well as the Anglican Cathedral and Christ Church Warwick feeding programs. Great support was also received from the West End Development Corporation [WedCo] and the Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU]along with donations in kind from St. George’s Club, H&H Plumbing and The Hustle Truck.”

“We are so grateful to the members of our community who have supported our collective effort to raise awareness of the tragedy of homelessness in Bermuda and who have shared the love through phone calls, baked goods and donations – from essential financial support to gifts like Pillows and sheets and household items,” Carey said.

The spokesman said: “HOME has been able to achieve two key goals so far this year thanks to support from donors:

  • Implemented a data-driven, cloud-based case management system to facilitate collaboration between all agency stakeholders by gathering insights and managing the delivery of support to clients. The new coordinated system ensures real-time data is collected to support the effective allocation of resources, services and programs, and allows caseworkers to quickly identify, assess and refer individuals to appropriate programs and services
  • Continued development of a single plan to end homelessness. The plan, in collaboration with other agencies and with the support of the Department of Social Development and Seniors, connects all stakeholders working in this field to ensure each agency achieves common goals

“Since early 2022, HOME has also offered:

  • Identified over 620 people affected by homelessness in Bermuda
  • Prevented more than 70 cases of homelessness by working with government agencies and other community services
  • Ended 52 existing cases of homelessness and transitioned people from sleeping rough to living independently
  • Registered a total of 620 customers for support
  • Intensive case management support for 62 previously homeless people

“We thank our landlords who have joined and worked with us in this important effort to accommodate Bermuda’s vulnerable people,” added Carey. “Each contribution has enabled us to fulfill our mission and strengthen our commitment to ending homelessness in Bermuda.”

The spokesperson said: “If you would like to help end homelessness, you can donate directly at www.home.bm/donate or contact our development officer at [email protected] or 599-9932.”

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