Artist Call Out – Coventry UK City of Culture 2021

Artist Call Out – Coventry UK City of Culture 2021


At the Broadweavers and Clothiers Company in Coventry

Cozy Creative Classrooms is the educational strand of Project Cozy Creative, a series of creative activities in warm centers across the city in January 2023. Cozy Creative Classrooms is a schools-based response to the cost of living crisis around sustainable fashion and community engagement.

We’re looking for one Textile artist/arts organization with strong facilitation experience in educational institutions to design, coordinate and deliver a series of sustainable upcycling creative workshops at the local secondary school between January and the end of March 2023 and create a shareable educational resource for students between 9th and 11th graders (ages 13-16).

The workshops and resources allow students to learn practical manufacturing skills, learn about the heritage and future of textiles in Coventry and think critically about what we buy, what we need and the role of creativity in building a more equitable and sustainable approach can play with the clothes we wear.

We’re looking for workshops and resource design to innovate with:

  • The history of textiles in Coventry and the role of the guilds, particularly the Broadweavers and Clothiers Company of Coventry
  • Social initiatives in the city such as Clothing Coventry, which respond to the clothing needs of the city
  • Reflections on the production cycle of our clothes, the workforce, skills and fabrics that make them, sustainable fashion and the need to think differently about what we buy and consume in order to build a fairer, greener ecosystem around fashion and clothing

The total commission amount is £3800.00

The commission includes:

  • A day ‘on site’ at Clothing Coventry to learn more about the work of the organization and to source materials for the workshops
  • Liaison with the Broadweavers and Clothiers Company of Coventry to understand the history and purpose of the organization. More information can be found here
  • Design and implementation of 12 school workshops (4 per school) between January and the end of March 2023 (dates to be agreed between commissioned artists and school contacts). The workshops should lead to textile works of art/products that are made with and by students
  • Liaison and coordination with 3 Coventry Secondary Schools to identify dates and times for activities to be carried out (either in class or outside of school), supported by the Education and Youth Officer
  • Procurement and provision of workshop materials
  • The design of a curriculum aligned two page educational resource to be shared with schools in Coventry

The commissioned artist/organization must also provide the necessary personal, company and health and safety documents for delivery to schools:

  • DBS check
  • business liability insurance
  • Carrying out risk assessments for workshops

To apply, please send your resume with an expression of interest of up to 700 words to Alex Talbott, Education and Youth Officer – [email protected]

Expressions of interest should include:

  • An introduction to your work and why you want to deliver this assignment
  • An overview of your workshop design ideas and approach
  • A description of your previous experience of working with young people in educational settings
  • Examples of your creative work (this can be links to websites, images, videos, social media or a WeTransfer link)

The deadline for expressions of interest is Monday, September 9thth January

Applications will be reviewed by the Coventry UK City of Culture Trust together with Broadweavers and Clothiers Company of Coventry and Clothing Coventry and decisions will be taken between 10th Aprilth-18th January. Shortlisted applicants can apply between April 10 andth-18th January.

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