Britney Spears’ dad Jamie Spears credits his conservatorship with saving her life. She said he ruined it.

Britney Spears’ dad Jamie Spears credits his conservatorship with saving her life. She said he ruined it.

Jamie Spears, left, and Britney Spears, right.

Jamie Spears, left, and his daughter Britney Spears, right, in a combination photo.AP photo/file

  • Britney Spears’ father defended his role in her conservatorship to The Mail on Sunday.

  • Jamie Spears said the arrangement helped her, even if it took away her power to go about her life.

  • Britney has repeatedly described the setup as ruinous, leading to years of abuse.

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, claimed in a rare interview that the controversial 13-year conservatorship, which robbed her of her autonomy, helped save her life.

His claim flatly contradicts Britney’s own account of the arrangement, which she says was cruel and abusive.

Jamie Spears was one of the main players in Britney Spears’ conservatory. The 13-year legal guardianship deprived her of the ability to make financial, personal, or medical decisions without his permission.

“Not everyone will agree with me,” Jamie Spears, 70, told the British tabloid Mail on Sunday.

“It was a hell of a time. But I love my daughter with all my heart and soul. Where would Britney be now without that guardianship? And I don’t know if she would be alive. I dont know.”

The conservatory has stabilized the pop singer’s finances, Spears’ father claimed in the interview, also arguing that it would be good for their children.

“To protect them and also the children, the conservatorship has been a great tool,” he told The Mail on Sunday. “Without that, I don’t think she would have gotten the kids back.”

Jamie Spears agreed to be interviewed to put his side forward after being expelled from the conservatory in September 2021, according to The Mail on Sunday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Justice Brenda Penny later terminated the conservatory altogether, describing it as “unsustainable,” The Associated Press reported. She said it represented a “toxic environment” from which Britney Spears needed to be extricated immediately.

The pop singer was officially released from the conservatory on November 12, 2021 after both of her parents agreed to end the arrangement.

This comes after years of campaigning by the #FreeBritney fan movement and court testimony in which Spears recounted what was said that her father had abused his power over her.

In a July 2021 hearing, Britney said the conservatory allowed her father to “ruin” her life and called for an investigation into her father for conservatory abuse. At the time, Jamie’s attorneys disputed the account, calling it “on record hysteria.”

Britney has since called her father about how she was treated during her conservatorship.

Page Six reported that she wrote on Instagram last month that not having to participate in his “slave treatment program” had changed her life. That caption appears to have since been removed.

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