City streets flooded as UK heads for cold spell that could see temperatures dip to -10C

City streets flooded as UK heads for cold spell that could see temperatures dip to -10C

Swans swim through Worcester city center after the River Severn overflows its banks. (SWNS)

Dramatic images show a city’s streets submerged as heavy rain continued to cause Britain’s longest river to overflow.

Flood warnings have been in effect across much of the country this weekend, with the Met Office issuing yellow weather warnings across Wales, the south coast, the West Midlands and the North West.

Worcester city center was one of the worst affected areas, with central car parks and roads closed due to flooding and the racecourse being turned into a lake.

Swans swam through the city center after the River Severn burst its banks, with the Environment Agency’s warning levels due to peak tonight – between 5.4m and 5.7m.

After a weekend of torrential downpours, meteorologists are warning of a sudden cold snap with a high chance of heavy rain turning to snow and freezing showers.

Temperatures are expected to drop to at least 0C overnight across most of the country and drop to as low as -10C in higher-elevation areas of Scotland.

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Houses in Ironbridge surrounded by flood water as the River Severn began to rise after heavy rain.  01/14/2023

Houses in Ironbridge, Shropshire surrounded by floodwaters as heavy rain hit the country. (SWNS)

Snow has been forecast for London, the South East and Scotland, while an amber ice weather warning covers Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, northern England, north Wales and the Midlands.

The alert, which warns that “winter showers” are causing “difficult driving conditions” due to slippery surfaces, is in effect from 6pm Sunday to 10am Monday.

A prolonged yellow warning for snow and ice is in effect in northern Scotland from 2pm Sunday to 10am Wednesday.

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Flood defenses along the River Severn near Ironbridge after the River Severn levels began to rise following heavy rain.  01/14/2023

Flood defenses in Ironbridge, Shropshire, before a weekend of heavy rain turns into a snowy and freezing cold snap. (SWNS)

The warning said: “A few centimeters of snow is likely at low levels in any given 24-hour period, with a potential of 10-15cm over 200 metres, particularly in parts of the highlands.

“Ice will be an additional hazard, especially on Tuesday night.”

Another snow warning for parts of south-east England has been issued by the forecaster for Monday, which lasts from 2am to 8am.

Local residents are asked to exercise caution as there may be icy patches on some dirt roads, sidewalks and bike lanes.

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Flooding in Shrewsbury when the River Severn burst its banks due to heavy rain.  01/14/2023

Shrewsbury was badly affected by this weekend’s downpours. (SWNS)

Some roads and railways are likely to be affected and commuters are being warned to expect longer travel times and delays.

In a warning to those driving to work on Monday, Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “We are starting to see cold weather coming out of the Arctic so we have now started issuing snow and ice warnings across the UK release.”

“We have a couple of areas we are keeping a very close eye on – we could see some wintry showers in the UK mid-band tonight, with risk of snow on higher ground and slippery surfaces in lower areas.

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Ironbridge was in flood waters when the River Severn began to rise after heavy rain.  01/14/2023

Flood warnings were put in place for much of the country this weekend, with warnings about snow and ice for the week ahead. (SWNS)

“That could be a problem during rush hour, there could be some problems on the roads. The risk of flooding is still there.”

Snell added that while “cold and wintry weather” will “dominate the UK” throughout the week, the weekend looks milder.

“Compared to the cold spell in December, it doesn’t look like it’s going to last that long,” he said.

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