Ukraine academics recognise Shakespeare expert’s contribution to country

Ukraine academics recognise Shakespeare expert’s contribution to country

Our world-renowned expert, Professor Michael Dobson, is recognized for his contribution to Shakespearean studies in Ukraine

Professor Michael Dobson has received a top honor from fellow academics in Ukraine – in recognition of his support for the development of Shakespearean studies in the country’s universities.

The Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine has accepted the world-renowned Shakespeare expert as an honorary member.

In a special online ceremony, Academy members presented an honorary academic diploma to Professor Dobson, Director of the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Nataliya Torkut, Director of the Ukraine Shakespeare Center commented: “We sincerely admire Professor Dobson’s support for the development of Ukrainian Shakespeare Studies. His enthusiastic participation in the activities of the Ukrainian Shakespeare Center inspires and raises the status of our events, giving them an aura of direct contact with Stratford, where even the stones evoke the sound of Shakespeare’s footsteps.

“We are very grateful to Professor Dobson for writing and speaking about Ukraine in both academia and the public sphere. By dedicating his lectures and speeches to Ukraine in connection with this genocidal war waged by the Russian Federation, he shows whose side is on the side of truth, goodness and justice.

“The awarding of the title of Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Secondary School of Ukraine to Professor Dobson recognizes the great positive role he has already played for Ukrainian science and our country.”

Ms Torkut added that Ukrainian colleagues and students admired Professor Dobson’s contributions – including sending books to the Ukrainian Shakespeare Library, which is still used by scholars and students – even during the war. She praised his support of Ukrainian theater as a powerful stimulus for its further development.

Professor Michael Dobson commented: “I am deeply moved to receive this honor and I am delighted to do so now as a member of a university that has a partnership with the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv.

“I look forward to the day when I can lead seminars, give lectures and see theater in Ukraine again. It’s a country with such a passionate commitment to culture that even if its citizens only have three hours of electricity a day, I know 120 people at a time spend two of those hours talking about Shakespeare online.”

The Academy of Sciences of the Secondary School of Ukraine is a non-governmental public organization that brings together talented professors and world-renowned scholars specializing in various fields of science and humanities to contribute to the development of scientific and creative processes in Ukraine.

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