A shop’s Christmas window display takes aim at the Tories

A shop’s Christmas window display takes aim at the Tories

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A West Sussex shop has used its Christmas window display to target the Tory government over the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Eco2Home: the circular economy

Lee Barnett owns Eco2Home, a shop in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. The outlet bills itself as a “circular economy” store. That means it sells items that would normally go to landfill. As the website Circular wrote:

The circular economy is based on a fundamentally different concept than the linear model of business that we are all familiar with.

The circular economy is essentially a production and consumption system based on recycling, reuse, repair, remanufacturing and sharing of products – and therefore by definition requires a change in consumption patterns, new business models and circular production resource allocation.

As a result, our usual methods of assessing national economic performance in a linear system – using indicators such as gross domestic product, productivity and inflation rates – are not sufficient or adequate to measure the circular economy.

Currently, estimates suggest that only 8.6 percent of the global economy is circular.

The store is open two days a week, has multiple values ​​and states that it:

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Plant 45 trees for every ton of waste we can’t recycle or reuse.

Eco2Home won Burgess Hill’s 2020 Best Christmas Window Competition for a truly festive display. This year, however, Barnett has decided to make a political mark – and it’s a massive departure from what Eco2Home normally does.

Aiming at the Tories

Barnett used his storefront to stage “The reality of Christmas in 2022.” A window shows Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson and Mims Davies (MP for Mid Sussex) in a decadent living room setting:

Tories in the Eco2Home shop window in a magnificent setting

The Tories dining table with a book called "Destroy Burgess Hill for Dummies"aimed at the local Tory MP

A second window shows a child wrapped in blankets sitting at a table with a pot noodle and a letter to Santa Clause describing the grim reality of the cost of living crisis. An electrical fire has a “Do not turn on” notice on it:

A depiction of a poor family at Christmas

There is a note from a child asking Santa Claus:

If my mother could be home for Christmas, she always has to work.

A note that reads "Dear Santa Claus, can my mom please be at home for Christmas, she always has to work"

Eco2Home made relevant points on the current cost of living crisis: how the Tories sit nicely while the rest of us suffer to varying degrees. Barnett should be applauded for that and would win Best Window Display again in a fair world – albeit perhaps for different reasons this year.

Featured image and additional images via Eco2Home

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