CS for intensification of efforts to clean all villages – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

CS for intensification of efforts to clean all villages – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

cs dr  Arun Kumar Mehta leads a meeting in Jammu.
cs dr Arun Kumar Mehta leads a meeting in Jammu.

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JAMMU, December 22: Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta today urged all concerned to step up efforts to clean up all villages and ensure proper hygiene in all dwellings.
The meeting was attended either physically or virtually by the Commissioner Secretary, RDD, Deputy Commissioners and the Director, Rural Sanitation.
dr Mehta urged officials to follow a simplified model of collecting waste from households’ doorsteps, creating the facilities to handle materials, and then disposing of them in a scientific manner.
He advised them to create separate facilities for a cluster of nearby villages when this was not possible for a single village. He urged them to make people aware of the cleanliness of their surroundings and also to punish those lying around unwanted.
The Secretary-General emphasized that cleanliness is the most important task we have and that everyone must take seriously. He found that the task is for everyone to do, starting with themselves and ending with those around them. He emphasized that the task of keeping our villages clean is not a difficult task if we all do our part.
He received an assessment from all Deputy Commissioners on the status of door-to-door waste collection in the villages, construction of separation sheds, provision of compound/soak pits, drainage facilities and waste disposal in their villages. He also asked them about the plastic waste management plans, noting that such waste mostly creates unsanitary conditions in our environment.
The Commissioner-Secretary, RDD, asked all Deputy Commissioners to complete the bidding process immediately. She urged them to increase their numbers in relation to villages that fall into the Emerging, Emerging, and Model categories. She stressed that every village should achieve ODF+ in the coming months as this is within the target after the given infrastructure is built in each panchayat.
On this occasion, the Director of Rural Sanitation made a presentation on the current status of all initiatives taken within the framework of the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen in UT. He announced that garbage collection is door-to-door in every village. He further revealed that a solid waste management plan (SWM) was formulated for each panchayat, alongside charters for advisory committees, enforcement and monitoring.
The assembly was informed that the solid waste collection agency was identified in all districts with a related financial model for its sustainability. District Redevelopment Committees were also formed. It was found that in addition to more than 7000 kg of contaminated sites disposed of in the UT villages involving 197838 individuals, around 1512 villages had already achieved ODF+ status.
Furthermore, the meeting was informed that in villages, in addition to 455616 individual household installations for SWM and 42424 watering pits/lye pits, 15607 drainage installations, 1102 Gray Water Management Systems (GWM) have been created GWM under the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen across the full length and breadth of J&K.

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