Future of Dalton Mill still uncertain after fire earlier this year

Future of Dalton Mill still uncertain after fire earlier this year

The current state of a fire-ravaged Keighley Mill has been described as ‘tragic’ – but work is underway to find a new future for the Grade I listed building.

On March 3 of this year, a huge fire started at the Grade II listed Dalton Mill, a building that housed several businesses and was used for filming shows such as Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey.

The roof of the building was destroyed along with most of the interior. However, inspections of the remains conducted by Bradford Council and Historic England concluded that the building posed no danger of collapse.

But months after the fire, the future of the building is still uncertain.

The issue was raised at a Bradford Council meeting last week when Keighley Councilor Caroline Firth asked what was the latest at the mill – which she described as one of the city’s “heritage gems”.

A response from the Council Executive said the building had recently changed hands but that the agency was still evaluating how to support the restoration of Dalton Mills.

The response read: “Council recognizes the importance of Dalton Mills to both Keighley and the District.

“Officials are keen to work with the owners of the mill complex to explore options for securing the buildings’ long-term future, as well as short-term stabilization and security of the site.”

“However, there have been recent changes in ownership that limit immediate discussions.

“At the same time, the Council is tasking Historic England with finding out what support they can access.”

Cllr Firth added: “Can we make sure officers are in touch with the new owners of the building? The potential of Dalton Mills is huge.”

Councilor Alex Ross Shaw, Executive for Regeneration, Planning and Highways, said: “It is a magnificent building and a tragic place to see it in its current state.

“There is a lot of regeneration going on at Keighley and this area is very close to our hearts.

“Hopefully the building gets settled ownership and we can move on from there.”

The renewal mentioned in Cllr Ross Shaw’s answer involves a number of industrial developments in the city centre.

Plans to build 6,700 square meters of industrial space on the nearby Universal Mills site at Dalton Lane were presented to Bradford Council earlier this year.

And plans for further industrial development on the corner of Dalton Lane and Bradford Road were approved last year.

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