Wakefield BioChar Enters the Carbon Market Under an Agreement With Puro.earth

Wakefield BioChar Enters the Carbon Market Under an Agreement With Puro.earth

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December 22, 2022 2:00 p.m. EST

Wakefield BioChar, an innovative manufacturer of renewable woody biomass products, has successfully completed a rigorous certification process conducted by the Puro Standard, the leading carbon credit carbon removal program, to validate its biochar as a carbon removal tool. Wakefield BioChar is now certified to sell digital tradable assets called CO2 Certificates of Removal (CORCs) in the Carbon Markets under an agreement with Puro.earth. This certification marks an important milestone as Wakefield BioChar has become the largest supplier of biochar-based CORC in the United States

Puro.earth certification is a rigorous verification process that confirms that Wakefield’s biochar is truly carbon negative and meets Puro Standard’s methodological requirements, including environmental protection measures. Independent auditors have audited Wakefield BioChar’s production and distribution to confirm the accuracy of the company’s data. The audit takes into account the product life cycle, requires scientific measurement and quantification of the removed CO2, and the duration of storage. The verified volume of additional carbon absorbed in the biochar is then labeled with CORCs for each tonne of CO2 removed and saved.

“The Accend-managed LCA’s endorsement of Wakefield’s impact on our environment is critical to our vision of creating a better world,” said Tony Marrero, CEO of Wakefield BioChar. “We are proud to use FSC-certified pre-consumer wood waste, which otherwise has a significant environmental impact, to create beneficial soil amendment, filtration and remediation solutions. The undeniable value of creating better soil for farming and improving the health of our society for generations to come energizes the Wakefield team to realize their tremendous potential. We are grateful for Puro.earth’s partnership to share this story with its climate positive carbon removal (CDR) feedstock.”

“Biochar is recognized in the IPCC report as a route to terrestrial carbon storage. Puro.earth is pleased to welcome Wakefield BioChar to offer its CORCs to responsible companies looking to eliminate their carbon emissions. The large amount of CORCs increases the much-needed supply in the carbon markets,” said Marianne Tikkanen, Head of the Carbon Crediting Program at Puro.earth.

Wakefield BioChar’s wood-based biochar captures carbon through a pyrolysis production process that creates a stable carbon storage solution. When incorporated into the soil, biochar will not decompose for hundreds of years. This stable soil conditioner improves soil health for generations of farmers, growers and backyard gardens. The direct benefits of biochar to soil include nutrient retention, improved water holding capacity, and increased aeration.

Puro.earth is the world’s leading carbon offset platform for carbon removal. Puro.earth offers carbon removal as a service and helps corporate buyers create a long-term sourcing portfolio to neutralize their carbon footprint and achieve net zero. The Puro Standard focuses exclusively on verified net negative technologies that can remove carbon on an industrial scale and store it for at least 100 years. In 2021, Nasdaq announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Puro.earth.

About Wakefield BioChar
Based in Valdosta, GA, Wakefield BioChar knows that a better garden starts with better, healthier soil. Too many treatments and chemicals will deplete nutrients over time and degrade soil quality. And unfortunately, many traditional treatments have unintended consequences for our planet. That’s why so many gardeners weed, water, and fertilize but still don’t get the results they want. With Wakefield soil conditioners, you increase microbial activity and absorb water and nitrogen to improve your soil health. And biochar returns carbon to the earth, reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere! better ground. Better world. https://www.wakefieldbiochar.com

About Puro.earth
Puro.earth is the world’s leading carbon offset platform for carbon removal. Our mission is to mobilize business to reward net carbon negative emissions. We do this by helping corporate volunteer buyers accelerate carbon removal on an industrial global scale. Through the Puro standard, we create carbon credit methods for processes that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for at least 100 years. We then certify suppliers who perform these processes and issue digitally tradable CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs) per tonne of carbon dioxide removed on the Puro Public Registry. CORCs are then purchased directly from suppliers or through channel partners by ambitious companies like our customers Microsoft, Shopify and Zurich Insurance to reverse climate change and neutralize their remaining carbon emissions. With Puro Accelerate, our ecosystem scaling program for carbon removal, we support suppliers who need financing to start or expand operations to secure funding through CORC upfront commitments and upfront payments. In 2021, Nasdaq acquired a majority stake in Puro.earth and together we are driving the carbon removal industry and enabling new revenue streams to accelerate its growth. Visit us at https://puro.earth or on LinkedIn Puro.earth and Twitter @PuroCO2Removal.

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