Who is Lawrence from TikTok and how much weight has he lost?

Who is Lawrence from TikTok and how much weight has he lost?

LAWRENCE has grown into one of the largest TikTok creators in the UK.

All of this is thanks to him documenting his raw and unfiltered weight loss, what he eats in a day while trying to shed the pounds.

Lawrence Green documents his weight loss journey on TikTok


Lawrence Green documents his weight loss journey on TikTokCredit: Instagram/lawrenceinsta90

Who is Lawrence from TikTok?

Lawrence Green, or lawrencetiktok90 as he’s known online, is a British TikTok star from London.

He moved to Wakefield earlier this year (2022).

He’s 30 years old and now works as a full-time influencer thanks to his TikTok success.

“In September [2020] I had 100,000 followers by the end of October [2020] i had a million

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“I’m just a normal person in council housing. I honestly don’t understand everything.”

“Now every day I get stopped in the street; people came to me crying and shaking,” he added.

In October he had 100,000 followers and now his TikTok followers count has reached 3.4 million in December 2022.

He estimates that his fanbase places him in the top 100 of the UK’s eight million TikTok creators.

How Much Weight Did Lawrence Lose On His TikTok Journey?

Shortly after joining TikTok in August 2022, he soon became famous for sharing his candid weight loss journey — sharing his recipes and exercises.

In just under a year, Lawrence has lost an incredible 8 stones, 2 pounds.

He often goes live to eat his dinner and uses his platform to offer company to people who have been living alone in lockdown.

“I just started posting my food and what I eat and it’s helped people and given them new ideas,” he told the Wakefield Express.

“I’m just a normal person, it’s really overwhelming at times.

“I don’t understand how it happened. I didn’t even want to post but my little sister told me to try and it just blew up.

What is Lawrence’s net worth?

Lawrence’s exact net worth is unknown.

However, multiple publications are reporting that his net worth as of 2021 is around $1 million (£724,000).

Lawrence also gets money for his TikTok lives from TikTok gifts from his viewers.

TikTok didn’t share their actual conversion rates since each gift costs a different amount of coins.

However, according to AppsUK, they estimate the value of a single coin to be around £0.01.

This means 100 coins are worth £1.00.

The TikTok star also receives money from brand collaborations.

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According to his Instagram bio, he is an ambassador for JD Seasonings.

Lawrence also has his own line of merchandise called Beetrootmerch – which ranges from mugs to t-shirts to kids’ clothes.

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