‘Let’s get Bromsgrove’s Perryfields development back on the right road’, say campaigners

‘Let’s get Bromsgrove’s Perryfields development back on the right road’, say campaigners

CAMPAIGNS are calling on a developer building 1,300 lots in Bromsgrove Borough to find a better freeway solution to allow people to get in and out of their homes with minimal congestion.

Local residents say Taylor Wimpey’s plans for a Spine Road – agreed with the Planning Inspectorate as part of the Perryfields application – would have been more or less a direct route from Kidderminster Road to Stourbridge Road, effectively paralleling the M5.

But they said when the reserved affairs application was filed that the road had now been altered, “with more curves to allow for more homes to be accommodated along the route”.

They believe this would make it less effective and less attractive to motorists, and lead to motorists using areas other than rat racing to avoid the dense residential areas.

Graham Dallas, one of the activists, said: “One of the key areas to avoid is the city centre, including the Parkside and The Strand intersections.

“The only other solution would be to widen the road there to allow more traffic to flow through quickly, but that wouldn’t be possible because on one side the land is owned by the corporations and very costly forced purchase orders (CPOs) would be required to make room for the road.” to accomplish.

“The new plans will also adversely affect Sidemoor residents on roads such as Broad Street, as they too would be congested with even more traffic as drivers seek alternative routes.”

“All we want is the restoration of the original Spine Road”

The activists say all they want is for the original Spine Road plan to be restored and submitted with the application.

PDAG’s Sue Harris said: “We need two roads – a spine road, similar to Perryfields Road, and a new development road that will carry traffic to and from the new housing developments.

“Anything else will result in the city center being turned into numerous rat heaps.”

Their concerns were also echoed by the Bromsgrove Society, which said in its comments that “four extra right-angled bends make vehicles more likely to be parked along the motorway” and discourage motorists from using Spine Road.

A spokesman for Bromsgrove District Council said the agency was reviewing the submitted application for Perryfields and it would be decided by planning committee members at a future meeting.

“This relates to a preliminary application (detailed application) in respect of Phase 1 for 149 units on a property adjoining Stourbridge Road/Perryfields Road.

“The Conditional Matters Motion seeks approval under condition one of the approved draft planning application for detailed matters of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.”

People can click here to see the plans, comments and give their opinion.

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey said: “Taylor Wimpey North Midlands has worked extensively with Worcestershire County Council to agree the design of Spine Road for the Perryfields development.

“Being a residential area, it is designed for the safety of all highway users with a uniform width of 6.1 meters to 20 mph speed bumps.

“Both design features are consistent with the appeal decision, related documents and reports, and WCC standards for highways.

“The development and movement plan was approved as part of the planning approval and it was stated that the exact route of the spinal column road had to be coordinated, which is still the case today. Taylor Wimpey is fully committed to creating a road format that meets the standards set by Worcestershire County Council and the planning permission we have received.

“In addition, we have recently responded to the clerk following the Bromsgrove Society’s Phase 1 appeal of the Spine Road and continue to work closely with Worcestershire County Council, Bromsgrove District Council and other stakeholders to ensure we meet their requirements. “

Strategic transport assessment calls

LABOR Councilor Harrison Rone Clarke has again raised the question of what happened to the Strategic Transport Assessment (STA).

He and fellow councillor, Luke Mallett, were promised the research and document in April 2021 during a Bromsgrove District Council meeting when a motion was tabled calling for a Western Relief Road. These calls were accompanied by a 5,000-name petition from the Perryfields Development Action Group (PDAG).

They were promised that the STA would be complete by summer 2022, but now, 22 months after the original meeting, there is still no sign of it.

Coun Rone-Clarke added, “It feels like the STA and the issues surrounding it have been kicked in the long grass and we’ve been lied to.”

But Bromsgrove District Council leader Coun Karen May said the STA was a work in progress and the agency relied on Worcestershire County Council.

Referring to Perryfields, she added that an agreement already exists that requires a transport assessment to be carried out when development is 50 per cent complete to ensure traffic is flowing properly.

Changes could then be made if this were not the case.

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